AS 6184 charge controller

Central hot water / solid tank actuation by microcomputer

The production and support of the Frensch charging controls will be discontinued in mid-2023. The sale is only available while stocks last.

The AS 6184 is a microcomputer-based charge controller that calculates the charge volume for central tank systems. The new features include queries for the contactor’s charge time in the last off-peak tariff, pin compatibility with the predecessor AS 5184, and a separate contactor output. The charge controller’s functions are tested at the buttons “LS” and “E2”, which are pressed at the same time. A switch on the device’s rear panel selects both the weather sensor WF-E-55 (for existing installations) and the standardized sensor WF-N-1 (for new installations).

Residual heat detectors

  1. AS 6184 NTC 1 to 7 NTC residual heat sensors (replacement needs for existing installations with AS 4184 / 084)
  2. AS 6184 PT 100 PT 100
  3. AS 6184 Thermo CrNi thermoelement

a. for central water tanks; b., c. for solid tanks

  • Temperature characteristics based on the day’s mean values
  • Displayed value for ultra precise potentiometer settings
  • Self-adjusting timer
  • Timer compensates random disruptions
  • Four-panel LCD display, also with actual device status
  • Detection of incorrect settings
  • Sensor break and short-circuit detection
  • Optimal day recharging settings
  • Preferred charging mode can be configured at any point between forward supervision, central spread, and backward supervision