AS 611 central controller

Storage heater actuation by microcomputer

The production and support of the Frensch charging controls will be discontinued in mid-2023. The sale is only available while stocks last.

The AS 611 is a charge controller featuring ultra modern microcomputer technology. An automated model the AS 611 calculates the charge volume for electrical storage heaters as a function of outdoor temperature and residual heat. It is suitable for actuating storage heaters with thermomechanical charge regulators (heatable liquid bulb thermostats, capillary sensors, thermal contactors).

In addition to A1 signal derivation and optimization the AS 611 is pin-compatible with the predecessor model AS 511, featuring in addition a separate contactor output. The charge controller’s functions are tested at the buttons “LS” and “E2”, which are pressed at the same time. In addition, day recharging can be suppressed (TS) at a temperature set between -10 °C and +10 °C.

  • Temperature characteristics based on the day’s mean values
  • Displayed value for ultra precise potentiometer settings
  • Self-adjusting timer
  • Timer compensates random disruptions
  • Four-panel LCD display, also with actual device status
  • Detection of incorrect settings
  • Sensor break and short-circuit detection
  • Optimal day recharging settings
  • Preferred charging mode can be configured at any point
  • between forward supervision, central spread, and backward supervision