AS 6180 automated charger with time lag

For storage and floor heaters

The production and support of the Frensch charging controls will be discontinued in mid-2023. The sale is only available while stocks last.

The Frensch AS 6180 charge controller is the digital successor to the AS 080 Series. It calculates as a function of the setpoints (characteristic, charge time, etc.), the outdoor temperature, and the charge signals the charge volume for individual electrical storage and floor heaters. The residual heat is detected by a contact or floor NTC sensor.

The controller is designed as a retrofit (to the AS 080) and for operating new installations. A switch on the device’s rear panel selects both the weather sensor WF-E-55 (for existing installations) and the standardized sensor WF-N-1 (for new installations). Please bear in mind that the weather sensor WF-N-1 does not form part of delivery and must be ordered separately for new installations. The functions of the AS 6180 charge controller are tested at the buttons “LS” and “E2”, which are pressed at the same time. Also the settings available on the predecessor AS 080 model have been expanded and improved.

  • Temperature characteristics based on the day’s mean values
  • Displayed value for ultra precise potentiometer settings
  • Self-adjusting timer
  • Timer compensates random disruptions
  • Four-panel LCD display, also with actual device status
  • Detection of incorrect settings
  • Sensor break and short-circuit detection
  • Optimal day recharging settings

Preferred charging mode can be configured at any point between forward supervision, central spread, and backward supervision.