Return and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Confirmation of Compliance with the Directive 2002/96/EU (WEEE)

The aforementioned directive regulates the return and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. We are legally obliged to accept and dispose of such equipment. FRENSCH GmbH is a member of the stiftung ear and take-e-away return systems.

Our WEEE registration number is: DE 65869035

We guarantee the free return of products manufactured or marketed by us. We are further subject to the so-called 0:1 obligation to take back. This means that we are also obliged to take back and dispose of equipment not manufactured or marketed by us. 

PLEASE NOTE! This is restricted to small electronic devices with a maximum edge length of 25cm.

Further professional and certified disposal of the waste equipment and waste materials produced during the production of electronic components is performed by our partner Demotronic GmbH.

Frank Frensch - Managing Director

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