Electronic components manufactured in line with RoHS Directive

Confirmation of Compliance with the Directives 1907/2006/EU (REACH) and 2011/65/EU (RoHS)

The FRENSCH GmbH develops, manufactures and markets electro-technical control devices and LED lights. No emissions are produced when our control devices and lights are used in accordance with their proper use. We do not manufacture any materials or mixtures named by REACH: nor do we import such materials or mixtures. As defined by REACH, the FRENSCH GmbH is a manufacturer of products and is a downstream user. This means that FRENSCH GmbH is not subject to any registration obligations and, hence, does not need to compile any safety data sheets. 

In accordance with REACH article 33, we will inform our customers should substances of our products (from a content of >0.1%) be categorised by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as particularly worrying and be placed on the list of candidates. Our electronic components are manufactured in line with RoHS Directive.

This declaration is based on the information available to us today and is based on confirmations provided by our suppliers. We are referring to products manufactured as at the current point in time.

Frank Frensch - Managing Director

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