At FRENSCHLIGHTING we accept our share of responsibility for handling the important central resource, energy, sustainably and with care. Out of this sense of responsibility and the potential economy involved, we have dealt intensively with the further development of especially energy-efficient light technology.

FRENSCH incidentally produces a majority of the required energy by itself. A photovoltaic system in advanced thin film technology provides us with 480 modules a capacity of up to 55kw/P

Others say: »Yes, we can!«. We say: »Yes, we do!«.

Without any false modesty – at FRENSCHLIGHTING it is quite natural for us to occupy ourselves with the question of the more efficient use of electrical energy. After all, as manufacturers of electronic consumer goods, we are an active part of the responsibility chain and can react fastest to changed conditions. It is therefore all the more important that the results of our costly developments are used intensively, thus helping to press forward faster and more purposefully with new technologies. Therefore we have intentionally developed products, which fit in seamlessly with our product series and can replace conventional products without any special effort. Save 70% energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

In the final analysis it always pays off because any type of conventional illuminant is beaten by a state-of-the-art LED light in terms of energy requirements. 

Time to change – go ahead!