The Frensch controllers

Bearing the prefix AS61 the latest model generation of Frensch charge controllers boasts convincing new technology and enhanced software optimization. Moreover, all devices in this Series feature improved programming and new, helpful extra functions. This makes them even more powerful, efficient, and user-friendly. The following table presents an overview of the new AS 61 Series functions.


Gerätetyp AS 6180 AS 6190 AS 6194 AS 6195 AS 611 AS 6184
A1 signal opzimization          
Heating phase for drying screed          
Runtime monitoring      
Day suppression (TS)        
Switch to weather sensor WF-E/WF-N        
Query for contactor´s charge time        
Function check on startup (LS+E2)    
A1 signal        
SH output  


IMPORTANT! All devices of the new Frensch generation feature the same operating philosophy and can be configured to the individual user’s sensitivity to heat and the installation’s respective state. Every setpoint can be viewed and edited on the display at the touch of a button.