At FRENSCHLIGHTING, man and technology work together hand in hand.

Highly qualified staff operates ultra-modern high-tech machinery. The result: premium LED lights “non-stop”. The centrepiece of the in-house production is a fully-automatic SMT line featuring three pick-and-place machines which process a total of 15,000 components – per hour. It also includes an automatic optical inspection which is performed before the soldering process in the eight-zone reflow oven.

A stand-alone pick-and-place machine is also available for the production of small-scale series or for the production of samples. With a capacity of 4,000 CPH (components per hour), it can serve specific or particularly urgent customer orders.

Quality “Made in Germany”

Thoroughness, precision and reliability – that is what the products by FRENSCHLIGHTING from Duisburg stand for. A Stand Alone AOI System (AOI – automatic, optical inspection) is available for inspecting the assembled PCBs. With this, it is possible to inspect whether the printed circuit boards (PPCB) have been equipped with the correct components, whether they are correctly positioned and all soldering points are correctly formed. Depending on the requirements, the PCBs are subject to a further inspection before the final assembly process, i.e. pertaining to the power line, voltage, dimming and light colour, before they are once again subject to a 100% function test before ultimate assembly.   

Craftsmanship and high-tech

Further production processes are also performed directly in the company’s own production halls: by means of fully-automated and semi-automated machinery, the cable and plug assembly is done individually and made-to-measure. In the sealing department, competent employees work on three various semi-automatic machines to completely seal lights in the 2-component process. The processing centre, which boasts top equipment, continuous casting profiles with a length of anything up to 6 metres can be mechanically treated and processed. As you can see, quality, quantity and individuality – which characterise the production at FRENSCHLIGHTING – fulfil all your requirements.