The quality of our products is not decisive in theory, but rather in practice.

FRENSCHLIGHTING is used all over the world, especially wherever lighting has to function reliably: on yachts, ships, boats, trains, in commercial vehicles, buses and, in general, in the demanding automotive industry. Before you can enjoy safe, reliable lighting on the water or outdoors, however, we need to get out lights to you.

FRENSCHLIGHTING leaves nothing to chance! We have a perfectly coordinated in-house logistics system which processes orders in a highly precise manner within a matter of minutes. The orders are then forwarded to the company’s own fleet of vehicles or to one of the globally networked logistics companies that Frensch cooperates with. This enables us to react at the speed of lighting to orders at all times, and to reliably deliver in time, including next-day delivery. All of this economically, flexibly and with 100% reliability.