F-50 continuous PCB


Adaptive circuit board with cable connection

The Frensch adaptive PCB is an extremely thin surface-light bar for vehicle construction. Thanks to the modular design, it can be used for multiple purposes. It is simply screwed or glued on, and the individual modules are connected by cables. Simply shortening the module makes it as flexible as you need it to be. For example, it can be used to illuminate the gangway in city buses in the form of strip lighting or for indirect lighting in coaches. The F-50 modules disappear behind diffusing panels, thus ensuring pleasant, soft lighting. The lighting modules can be dimmed, or switched into a semi-light mode. It is available in cold, neutral or warm white.

Housing without
Mounting glue or screw
Light source 24 MID Power LED cool-, warm-, neutralwhite
Switch no
Dimmable yes, via external PWM signal
Class Klasse_FKlasse_III
Features Max. 10 modules per connection line, Half light switching per module possible, individually adjustable
Connection via Terminal block: 0,2-0,75mm^2 / AWG24-18
Dimensions 30 mm x 500 mm per Modul





Energy efficiency

Energieeffizienz-Klasse A+

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