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Thermal storage heater

Electric thermal storage heaters are installed in buildings and rooms to keep a desired amount of heat available. Building structures, perceptions of warmth and weather conditions are the criteria of the charging rate of the heating system. During the release period, the storage core of the units is heated to the required temperature. The stored heat is delivered continuously by way of the surface of the heater. If, depending on individual preference, a higher room temperature is required, this can be obtained by means of temperature control devices or thermostats in the room. A fan incorporated in the heater takes in room air and blows it over the heated storage core back into the room.

Central thermal storage system (hot water/solid)

These heating systems are used in one-family units and multifamily buildings, in commercial and industrial enterprises, and can be connected to central heating systems. The desired room temperature is delivered by means of radiators, floor heaters or hot-air heaters.

Central thermal storage heater - Block storage water heater

Two systems are used for heating water. The central thermal storage heater, consisting of a heating unit (electric instantaneous heater) with separate water block made up of storage tanks, or water storage tanks arranged sequentially in keeping with the size of the system. In each storage tank a resistance heater is integrated which produces hot water.

Central thermal storage heater - Solid storage unit

Resistance elements convert electric energy into heat and heat up the storage core (group of solid storage blocks). Upon discharge, air circulates over the heated storage core and flows through the heat exchanger, which conveys heat to the hot water.

Floor heating

Heating mats consisting of heating strips (heat conductors) or surface heating elements serve to heat floors and surfaces by electric means. The heating elements are laid in floor pavement and create a pleasant room climate through simultaneous, uniform heating of rooms.