AS 5190 - Microcomputer for driving thermal storage heaters and floor heating systems

Description of Unit

The AS 5190 is a charging control which employs the most up-to-date microcomputer technology. The charging control AS 5190 (central station) forms a time- and weather-dependent reference input value for a maximum of 25 living unit stations from the system settings (curve, release period, etc.), the outside temperature and the release signals. The AS 5190 also features a control voltage output (characteristic 80% on-period) for driving thermal storage heaters with thermomechanical charging controllers.

Load characteristic

Example of use



Dimensions 105 x 90 x 50 mm
Power requirement approx. 2,5 VA Steuerleistung
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 230 V, clock signal 1,5 A charakteristic 80% on-period
Permissible ambient temperature 0°C to +50°
Output control voltage Z1, Z2, Z3 for max. 25 living unit stations
Mountig Hutschiene 35 x 7,5 DIN 50 022 ohne Aufbau
Load characteristic Split - forward/backward control