AS 080 - Automatic charging unit with time shift


The AS 080 automatic charging unit determines the charging rate for electric thermal storage heaters or electric floor

heating based on outside temperature and residual heat. The charging rate is shifted towards the end of the off-peak

period by means of a timer. The heating is switched on by activating a heater contactor by means of a relay contact.


Load characteristic

Example of use

Single unit with time shift, residual heat measuring point, second thermal storage heater connected in parallel, and fan interlock.

(VDEW system 1).


Rated Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions 45 x 105 mm
Breaking capacity 250 V~6 A resistive load
Power requirement ca. 3 VA + breaking capacity
Permissible ambient temperature 0°C to +50°
Running time 22 hours
Self-holding 6 hours after beginning of off-peak period
Load characteristic backward control
Mounting top hat rail 35 x 7,5 DIN 50 022 without wall mounting